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Celebrating ten years of research on language change in real time
- on the occasion of the embedding of the LANCHART Centre at the University of Copenhagen

Wednesday 30th September 2015
The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters (Videnskabernes Selskab)
H.C. Andersens Boulevard 35, 1553 København V

08.30-09.00 Coffee/tea

Bolette Sandford Pedersen, University of Copenhagen:



Frans Gregersen, University of Copenhagen:

Introduction to the LANCHART project

Charting language change - a few preliminary steps with special reference to intra-individual variation

Jane Stuart-Smith, University of Glasgow:

Using big-data techniques to tackle real-time change: The voicing contrast across 100 years of real- and apparent-time in Glaswegian

Sali Tagliamonte, University of Toronto:

Sociolinguistics, history and landscape in the study of language change
10.40-11.10 Coffee/tea

Tanya Karoli Christensen & Torben Juel Jensen, University of Copenhagen:

Functional and social meaning in grammatical variation and change

Sirpa Leppänen*, Janus Spindler Møller, Andreas Stæhr & Thomas Rørbeck Nørreby, University of Jyväskylä*, University of Copenhagen:

Authenticity, Normativity and Social Media

Stef Grondelaers, Radboud University:

Yes, we can ... use Twitter data to investigate the linguistic and the social meaning determinants of morpho-syntactic change

Y12.40-13.40 Lunch

Dennis Preston, Oklahoma State University:

A quadrangulation of attitudinal study: Qualitative-Quantitative-Conscious- Nonconscious

Tore Kristiansen, Marie Maegaard & Nicolai Pharao, University of Copenhagen:

Experimental studies in language perception and evaluation

Unn Røyneland, University of Oslo:

Dialects and migration –  entitlement, authenticity and local belonging
15.10-15.40 Coffee/tea

Martha Sif Karrebæk & Lian Malai Madsen, University of Copenhagen:

Everyday languaging among children and youth

Leonie Cornips: Meertens Institute & University of Maastricht

The linguistic construction of the province of Limburg: language ideology and language practices

Helge Sandøy, University of Bergen:

What’s the opposite of Denmark?

Marie Maegaard, University of Copenhagen:

Closing remarks and prospects for future work at the LANCHART Centre

Reception and book launch

Frans Gregersen & Tore Kristiansen (eds.): Hvad ved vi nu – om danske talesprog? (What do we know now - about spoken Danish?)